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From the people, to the people

Here's a look at some of the Crowdsourced data that we’ve open sourced, so that the whole developer and research community can advance the state of the art of technology, with diversity in mind.

Open source hero image
Open Images Extended Image

Open Images Extended

420,000 images contributed by Crowdsource users from around the world, showing local food, apparel, flora & fauna, landmarks and products.

Read more about it at Google AI blog, or access the dataset.

Is this a good caption for this image?

Players warm up during a training session

Image Captions Image




Image Captions

Machine-generated captions on Open Images, that have been validated by hundreds of thousands of global Crowdsource users as part of the Image Captions activity. This data drives the technology behind accessibility features like "Image Description" in Chrome browser.

Can mountains be one of the labels for this image?

Open Images Image




Open Images

Over 34 million answers to the Image Label Verification activity by millions of Crowdsource users have been released as part of the Open Images dataset.

Try Crowdsource. Make a difference.